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“We had been thinking about building our own hotel for quite some time…”

When the gap site at the Sebastiansgraben became available, our idea started to become a reality. We could really imagine a small and sophisticated hotel so close to the town center, surrounded by sights and with a great infrastructure and parking spaces right in front of the door. We wanted to create a hotel with an “urban” atmosphere and a personal touch.


We especially wanted to make sure that our hotel would become a comfortable place with a pleasant indoor climate. With the help of air-conditional ceilings (not a conventional air conditioning system), all rooms can be individually cooled down in summer and heated in winter. Pleasant comfort.

The name may seem a bit unusual at first sight. We did give it a lot of thought and named our hotel after the “Sebastiansgraben” (the town moat) which leads along the historic city walls that are still partly visible today. This is why we decided on combining two words: Seb (short for Sebastian) and city (since our hotel is located in the center). Sebcity Hotel – where history and today meet. We are happy when our guests here at the Sebcity Hotel feel well and comfortable. When they are happy to spend the night here, have breakfast and start the day feeling well and relaxed.


We wish you a pleasant stay at our hotel! Agatha and Albert Winkler